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  • Artist : 50 Cent
  • Song : Keep It Movin
  • Album : N/A

"Keep It Movin" is the latest song by American rapper and actor, 50 Cent makes its way to the blogosphere recently. It is not from any of his upcoming project but an unreleased track from his previous albums. 50 Cent announced that he will be releasing the first single from his fifth studio album this week; week beginning April 18, 2011. Stay tuned.

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50 Cent Keep It Movin Lyrics :-

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[50 cent - Chorus]
I’m in the club tryna get me some hoes
Or, I’m on the grind tryna get me some dough
I hustle hard, niggas already know
I do what I gotta do and proceed to keep it moving
Holla at me if you’re ready to roll
I aint gotta tell you I want you, you already know
I keep my eye on you, while you out on the floor
Girl, you turn me on, watching you move to the music

[50 Cent - Verse 1]
I’mma flash the cash you know I’ma get it
You wanna give me the ass, you know I’m with it
The flows so sick the way I spit it
The say its prolific, lets be specific
Can I kick it, yes I can
You rocking with fifty fifty and Timbaland
We are not the same nigga now understand
I do what I want boy, you do what you can

Everythings going according to plan, no more
Cause signing them all hand to hand
My new hustle bring millions in
Damn what a difference between now and then
ha ha, you see it, you really believe it
When I done came up, and I aint changed up
I’m in the house with the toaster yo
Things are going how they supposed to go


[50 Cent - Verse 2]
This is what you been missing
I’m musicjuzz.blogspot.com back in position, I listen
Theres nobody better, you know I go hard for the cheddar
The drama I bring it, way, way better than I sing it
Gotta put in work to ring the bells, my name ringing
It’s murder on the dancefloor when my songs on
My competition just sit on the type of shit I’m on
We keep it going, til it, til it, til it break of dawn
I aint the one that you should be fronting or faking on
Stunt if you want, my niggas will have your Jacob on
I’m so ghetto, they say I’m so gutta
I don’t dance, I be in the cut like “what up”
You know my style, know me, everywhere I go
I aint gotta say a word man, they already know
I’m a no-nonsense nigga that flow
Annoying conversation if it aint about dough
But if you tryna get it, I’m with it
I’m all in? for sho.


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