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  • Artist : The Midnight Beast
  • Song   : Quirky
  • Album  : N/A

The Midnight Beast sometimes abbreviated as TMB, a British comedy music group from London has came out with a brand new song entitled "Quirky". It is all about people who go the extra mile to seem as weird and kooky as possible by doing things like drinking peppermint tea and wearing silly hats. The Midnight Beast have over 290,000 subscribers and a combined 40 million views on their YouTube channel alone, as well as over 300,000 Facebook fans as of September 2011. 

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The Midnight Beast Quirky Lyrics :-

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Not married but I wear a wedding ring on my hand
I go to sleep when I want, 'cause I don't have bedtime planned
Don't obey by the rules, sometimes I don't even care
If I'm out eating at a buffet I'll have more than my share

WHAT?! I'm a bad influence, don't hang around with me
I ride my bike on the pavement, wear my clothes in the shower
I'm straight up crazy
I've got a beard / I've got an afro / I've got eyebrows that rock, so
If you want to out-quirky us than take your best shot

I don't sing in tune, why?
Cuz I'm quirky
Backwards lyrics my of all rap I
Cuz I'm quirky
I sip my Coffee through a straw bitch?
Cuz I'm quirky
N' I'll still rock a cap when I'm thirty... WHY?!
Cuz I'm quirky

The other day, I had a piece of toast
But I didn't even butter it, it tasted gross
I DON'T CARE, what I do... I'm a real live wire
I hold a match 'til it burns... I'm playing with fire

F-CK vegetables, I don't eat none of that shit
F-CK education, I don't study one little bit

I wear red and pink, why?
Cuz I'm quirky
I greet you with a goodbye
Cuz I'm quirky
I have eleven beers a day, why?
Cuz I'm quirky
(, no I think that actually just makes you an alcoholic...)
N' I'll still have a beard when I'm thirty... WHY?!
Cuz I'm quirky

Ripping a hole in your jeans
Owning a pink limousine
Learning to ride a unicycle whilst your dressed as the queen
Fighting a bear with one hand
Getting a full-body tan
Joining a post-apocalyptic-gothic hardcore band

I like Home Alone 3
Cuz I'm quirky,
I'm drinking peppermint tea,
Cuz I'm quirky,
I got a picture of the hoff, see?
Cuz I'm quirky,
N' I'll still rock a cap when I'm thirty... WHY?!
Cuz I'm quirky

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