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  • Artist : Marillion
  • Song   : Power
  • Album  : Sounds That Can't Be Made

"Power" is a song recorded by British rock band, Marillion released as a promotional single on YouTube on 17th July 2012. It is set to appear on their upcoming 18th studio album, 'Sounds That Can't Be Made' coming out in September 2012 and is available to pre-order on their website.

Marillion - Power lyric is available below. Hope you enjoy it.

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Marillion Power Lyrics :-

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You carry me around
Like loose change jingle janglin'
At the bottom of your bag
You don't seem to feel it though
Because you swing down the street
Walking that unique birthday candle glow
In broad daylight, in broad daylight

And you don't even know
The way I love you

You never knew power until you
You thought that power was this scar
People pass the laws in gold
Seen our needs, emotional parts

Oh baby, that's nothing

You think it's kind of sweet
The stammer and the tremble in my voice
But don’t mistake it for weakness
Or some kind of incompleteness
'Cause round about now
I can feel it tingle tanglin'
It's coiled up inside me
And it’s ready to blow

You never knew power until you
You saw it fizzed in the over-head lines
Burning steel are borne to currents
Satisfied the vertical pylons
You never knew power until you
Saw it roll like a head with thoughts
Or melting stone, a new volcano
Earthquake, thunder, lightning, stars

The way I love you
Is something you don't understand

The way I love you
Took more than I could imagine, even now
You never knew how hard
All the time you felt so strong

But now you can't function
The wave of a sleeve
Is the meaningless slew
Falls away from your feet
And the Universe uses
It's light, streaming free
Life will scream in the meteor shower
Of this guided light
Where you sparkle and fail
From heavens fell

Take each guiding light
In in every hour, in every hour
I know the power, power

Listen to me
My feelings tremble
Am I feeling?

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