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  • Artist : Bobby Bare
  • Song   : Farewell, Angelina
  • Album  : Darker Than Light

Perched and ready to return to the center of the stage, Bobby Bare kicks off his upcoming studio album with a brand new ballad called "Farewell, Angelina". The album, 'Darker Than Light' is expected to hit shelves on November 13th on the Plowboy Records label. It will be his first collection of all new material since 2005.

Ladies and gentlemen! Here we present Bobby Bare - Farewell, Angelina. Farewell, Angelina lyric performed by Bobby Bare also available below.

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Bobby Bare Farewell, Angelina Lyrics :-

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Farewell Angelina, the bells of the crown
I’ve been stolen by bandits, I must follow the sound
The triangle tingles, and the trumpets play slow
Farewell, Angelina, the sky’s on fire and I must go

There’s no need for anger, there’s no need for blame
There’s nothing to prove, everything’s still the same
Just a table that’s empty by the edge of the sea
Farewell, Angelina the sky is trembling, and I must leave

The Jacks and the queens have forsaken the courtyard
2 gypsies now fight passed the guards
In a space where the dukes and the ace once ran wild
Farewell, Angelina, the sky is folding I’ll see you in a while

See the cross-eyed pirates sitting crossed in the sun
Shooting 10 cans with a sort-of shot-gun
And the neighbors they cla? and they cheer with each blast
Farewell, Angelina, the sky’s changing colors and I must leave fast

Hang calm, little elves on the roof tops they dance
Valentino-type tangos while they make-up man’s hands
Shu the eye of the dead, not to embarrass anyone
Farewell, Angelina, the sky’s embarrassed and I must be gone

The machine guns are roaring, the prophecy rocks
Avenge nailing time-bombs to the hands of the flock
Call me any name you like, I will never deny
Farewell, Angelina, the sky’s erupting, I must go where it’s quiet
Farewell, Angelina, the sky is on fire and now I must go

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